On May 11 the price for a 1-ounce First-Class Mail stamp will increase from 42¢ to 44¢. Prices for other mailing servicesStandard Mail, Periodicals, Package Services (including Parcel Post), and Extra Services — will also change. The average increase by class of mail is at or below the rate of inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index.

Customers can use their Forever Stamps — regardless of when purchased — to mail 1-ounce letters after the price change, without the need for additional postage. Forever Stamps are widely available through Post Offices, commercial retail outlets such as grocery stores, and online.  If you do a lot of mailing go and buy some Forever Stamps.

Prices for mailing services will continue to adjust each May. Prices for most shipping services, including Express Mail and Priority Mail, were adjusted in January and will not change in May.

USPS Postage rates





Air Force Week is an extraordinary opportunity to meet the dedicated men and women in your United States Air Force. Come hear their compelling stories of service in support of the Joint Global War on Terror–both in the United States and overseas.
The week offers a multitude of activities that appeal to children and adults. Events include performances from the Air Force award-winning bands and drill team, exciting displays, earth-shaking flyovers, and remarkable hands-on experiences with Air Force unique equipment.
Air Force Week is also a chance for us to thank our servicemen and servicewoman. Come interact with members of the Air Force at various community events and listen to speeches from local dignitaries and Air Force leaders.
Every Air Force Week culminates in an air show featuring the world-famous Air Force Thunderbirds and other amazing demonstrations. These one-of-a-kind weeks occur in only three cities a year, so don’t miss out! 


Schedule of events for Air Force Week- Salt Lake City, Utah

Monday June 1

Tuesday June 2

Wednesday June 3

Thursday June 4

Friday June 5

Saturday June 6

Sunday June 7  (No events posted yet)


The State of Utah is handing out $6,000 to home buyers.  Administered by the Utah Housing Corporation.  After searching, googling, and researching this…  The Utah Housing Corporation’s website has the most information.  The following info is straight from the UHC’s website.



Steps to obtain a Home Run Grant?

  • Buyer signs a contract to purchase a newly-built, never-occupied, single-family home.
  • Buyer applies for mortgage loan through an Approved Home Run Mortgage Lender (“Approved Lender”) and obtains written loan underwriting approval.
  • Buyer furnishes Certificate of Occupancy or Municipal Final Inspection to Approved Lender.
  • Approved Lender submits a Home Run Grant Request to Utah Housing with the required documentation.
  • Approved Lender received from Utah Housing a written Home Run Grant Commitment authorizing the Grant for the Buyer.
  • The purchase closing is scheduled at a title company.
  • As soon as closing documents have been signed, the title company faxes required documents to Utah Housing to request that a wire of $6,000 be sent to the closing.
  • The Home Run Grant Commitment must be dated prior to the closing documents.

 What is the $6,000 Home Run Grant?

  • The Home Run Grant is a mortgage assistance program that grants $6,000 to home buyers who  purchase a newly-constructed, never-occupied, primary, single-family residence in Utah.  The Home Run Grant is funded by the Housing Relief Restricted Special Revenue Fund, established by Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, the Utah State Legislature, and Utah Housing Corporation.

 Who is eligible to receive a $6,000 Home Run Grant?

  • Home buyers (any person taking title) must meet the following income restrictions:
    • Single person, $75,000
    • Married couple, $150,000
    • If more than one unmarried person is taking title to the Eligible Home, each such single person is subject to the $75,000 income limit.
  • Home buyers must occupy the purchased home as a primary, permanent residence no later than 30 days after closing.
  • If home buyers need a mortgage loan to purchase the home, the loan must be a fixed interest rate, amortizing mortgage loan with a term of 30 years or less.  Cash buyers can also qualify by contacting Utah Housing Corporation directly.
  • The Home Run Grant Program is effective for home purchases closed after a Home Run Grant Commitment has been issued for that specific transaction.  Unfortunately the grant funds may not be issued for homes purchased without the Home Run Grant Commitment.
  • Persons who already own their lot are not eligible for the Home Run Grant.

What homes can be purchased with a $6,000 Home Run Grant?

  • Homes must be newly-constructed, single-family residences that have a Certificate of Occupancy or a Final Inspection from an applicable municipality.  They cannot be previously-occupied.  Eligible property types include single-family detached homes, condominiums, planned unit developments (PUD), twin homes, town homes and manufactured homes permanently affixed to a foundation.

 How does a home buyer apply for a $6,000 Home Run Grant?

  • Apply for a grant through an Approved Lender. Approved Lenders are the key link between a home buyer and the Home Run Grant and are listed on this website. The Approved lender assists a home buyer to provide necessary information to secure the grant from Utah Housing Corporation.  A home buyer does not work directly with Utah Housing Corporation (unless it is a cash buyer).     

How does a home buyer get the Home Run Grant funds?

To get a first-come, first-served written commitment for the Grant, a home buyer must:

  • Enter into a written contract to purchase a newly-constructed, single-family home.
  • Contact an Approved Lender and obtain final underwriting approval for any needed financing.
  • Have your mortgage lender furnish required documentation to Utah Housing Corporation for the Grant.
  • Utah Housing will reserve the $6,000 Grant for 30 days.

What type of loan can a home buyer use to purchase the home?

If a home buyer needs a mortgage loan, it must be a fixed interest rate loan with a term of 30 years or less.  Loans may be obtained from any Approved Lender qualified to make mortgage loans under Utah law.  Examples of qualifying loans include:

  • Conventional
  • FHA, VA, or Rural Housing 
  • Utah Housing Corporation’s FirstHome and FirstHome Plus.

Do I have to be a first-time home buyer to get a Home Run Grant?

  • No.  Home Run Grants are available to all home buyers who meet the income restrictions of $75,000 for singles, $150,000 for couples and, if more than one single person takes title, the $75,000 limit applies to each such single person. 

Can the $6,000 Home Run Grant be combined with the new $8,000 federal tax credit?

  • Yes, if a home buyer is a first-time home buyer and meets the independent criteria of both the federal and Home Run programs, they may take advantage of both.   The $6,000 Home Run Grant is available to both those who are first-time home buyers as well as those who previously owned a home.  The  $8,000 federal tax credit is available only to first-time home buyers.

How many Home Run Grants are available to home buyers?

  • A total of approximately 1,600 grants of $6,000 will be available. Only one grant can be used for the purchase of each home.  Home Run Grants are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to qualified home buyers.  The approximate number of remaining grants will be posted on the UHC web page at www.utahhousingcorp.org.

(There are 1,331 Grants remaining when I published this)

 Is the Home Run Grant taxable?

  • The Home Run Grant may be taxable as income under federal and state tax laws.  UHC has requested a ruling from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about whether or not a Home Run Grant will be taxable.  UHC does not give tax advice and home buyers should review all pertinent tax information in connection with the preparation of their 2009 tax returns.

Here are the forms you will need.

Approved Home Run Lenders.

If you have any questions…please post them here or get in touch with Marty Reynolds.  Contact Marty for free home buyer information.



Half-time during Utah Rush game

Half-time during Utah Rush game

I will be posting frequently on my daughters comp soccer teams. Check back often for any schedule changes and updates on how the team is playing.  I hope to have more pictures and results of the games.  Thanks Coach Nesto and Ricki for your time with the girls!  Here is the schedule for Rampage 99 Black U-10 Div. 1 girls. 

Just click on the blue links for a map to the field.

(Updated as of 05/04/09)

Date Time Field Home Visitor
5:30 PM
Pleasant View Park
900 W. Pleasant View Dr., Pleasant View
Score: 0
Rampage 99 Black
Score: 6
5:30 PM
North Park West
4230 South 2175 West, Roy
Rampage 99 Black
Score: 13
Utah Rush Tiempo
Score: 2
5:30 PM
Pleasant View Park
900 W. Pleasant View Dr., Pleasant View
S.W.A.T. Premier         Score: 2 Rampage 99 Black                  Score: 5
5:30 PM North Park West
4230 South 2175 West, Roy
Rampage 99 Black            Score: 4 Firecrackers     Score:2
5:00 PM Weber County Fairgrounds
1200 West 1000 North, Ogden

Score: 5

Rampage 99 Black            

Score: 3

5:30 PM North Park West
4230 South 2175 West, Roy
Rampage 99 Black Ogden FC – CH
7:00 PM Columbia Elementary
378 S 50 W, Kaysville
WSC – DT Rampage 99 Black
5:30 PM North Park West
4230 South 2175 West, Roy
Rampage 99 Black Warriors
5:30 PM Centerville Junior High #2
625 South Main, Centerville
Utah Rush Tiempo Rampage 99 Black
5:30 PM North Park West
4230 South 2175 West, Roy
Rampage 99 Black S.W.A.T. Premier


Lake Powell, Utah


v  Utah is America’s “Best State” – Forbes magazine in March ranked Utah America’s “Best State To Live,” with Utah scoring higher in quality of life categories than Hawaii, California and Florida.  The survey measured life satisfaction, work quality, healthy behavior, physical health, emotional health and basic access to necessities like food and shelter.

v  Utah is No. 1 in Economic Outlook – the American Legislative Exchange Council ranks Utah No. 1 in the nation in “Economic Outlook,” a forward looking study that examines a state’s tax burden, debt service and 13 other variables.

v   State Actions Could Create 60,000 Jobs For Utahns – Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. and the Utah Legislature scored big for jobs, consumer spending and the future by investing $3.3 billion in roads and state buildings, according to the Salt Lake Chamber. 

v  Davis Counties Median Home Sales Price Is Falling, But Not Off A Cliff – The median sales price of all homes and condos peaked in June 2007 at $257,100.  When compared to February 2009 ($243,200) the median sales price has fallen 5.4 percent across Davis County, according to the Wasatch Front Regional MLS.

v  Salt Lake City Continues To Be The Place For Business – MarketWatch has ranked Salt Lake City No. 13 of the 50 Best Metro Areas for Business.  Cities were judged in eight categories, which included job growth, financial institutions, number of small businesses and population growth.

v  Utah Has A Low Unemployment Rate – Utah’s unemployment rate in February was 5.1 percent, 3 percentage points below the national unemployment rate of 8.1 percent, according to the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

v  University of Utah Ranked No. 2 In Technology Companies Started – The Salt Lake Tribune reports that for the second year in a row, the University of Utah was ranked second in the country in starting technology companies based on research.  The rankings were by the Association of University Technology managers.  The “U” helped start 18 companies in 2007 from technologies based on its research.

2687 N. 900 W. CLINTON, UTAH



Wonderfull Clinton Utah Home.  Listed at $144,900.  Home is immaculate and well maintained.  4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1996 Sq.Ft.  Built in 1975 shows like new with many updated features.  Large yard and back deck for entertaining.




Calling all Investors!  This SOUTH OGDEN, UTAH fourplex is a dream just waiting to be added to your portfolio.  Built in 1951, all brick, each unit is approx. 915 sq.ft.  3 units have 2 bedrooms and 1 unit is a single bedroom.  A few years ago the downstairs flooded and as a result the owner completely remodeled the downstairs units… I am talking new everything, sheet rock, electrical, it is basically a brand new downstairs.  Upstairs units are in great shape.  One of the units has a long term renter and the other unit was just updated with new flooring, hardware, and paint.  There is a common laundry area downstairs. The rent rolls are as follows:

  • 2 Bed unit $625.00
  • 2 Bed unit $600.00
  • 2 Bed unit $565.00 (Long term tenant)
  • 1 Bed unit $550.00


The fourplex is in a great location in SOUTH OGDEN.  Close to Weber State University, Skiing, Newgate Mall, The Junction, Fat Cats, & the best outdoor recreation on the planet.